Frost Gear Launches Free Training Blog

May 08, 2019 1 min read

Frost Gear Launches Free Training Blog

At noon today, Frost Gear announced that it will be launching the FG Clubhouse Training Blog, which will be free for athletes and their families and is set to be first available on May 20, 2019 with the release of the HEAT<>MGMT Performance Line.

CEO Zach Zwergel stated that the objective of the blog will be to "...expand the horizons of FG and deliver useful and valuable training content to ball players everywhere." He further stated that "Frost Gear is fundamentally about giving back to the game in every way possible...and we see that as delivering information about proper training methods, new and emerging techniques, as well as commentary on the game in general to athletes of all ages looking to get better." 

Frost Gear recognizes the power of information and how much access to legitimate advice and direction can help younger athletes looking to get better. The company is optimistic and excited about the prospect of channeling information it can collect from its professional athletes, collegiate coaches, and top-level instructors through out the country to those interested in incorporating the different perspectives conveyed for their own use and practice.

If you are an athlete looking to get better, be sure to check out the FG Clubhouse Training Blog, right here! Available May 20, 2019.