Recognizing the fundamental struggles of performing well on the diamond in cold weather, the founders of Frost Gear wanted to build a brand that would change the game. Rather than letting the elements affect the way the game is played, Frost Gear pioneered a new way of maximizing the athlete's ability regardless of how cold temperatures are on game day. At Frost Gear, we are actively re-thinking cold weather baseball through our innovative cold weather performance products. 
Today Frost Gear's products are worn by professionals and athletes alike - all of whom having one thing in common; the need to conquer the cold and play ball effectively.

Frost Gear provides athletes around the globe with innovative Cold-Weather Technologies to help them perform on game day, regardless of how inclement weather conditions may be. Conquer the Cold with Frost Gear.

MaxBP is the #1 vision/reaction training tool for baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse and any other athletes across the world. MaxBP increases pitch recognition, reaction time, fielding & improves batting average.

HeavySwing provides patented handle-weighted training bats to build strength, power and increase bat speed while promoting proper swing mechanics. Specifically designed for live batting practice and hitting drills. 

HELPING ATHLETES get more reps year round.