Frost Gear Baseball

February 25, 2021 2 min read

As pioneers of the first ever cold weather throwing glove, Frost Gear Baseball is on a mission to help ballplayers of all ages gain the competitive advantage when it’s NOT warm and sunny.

Founded in 2017, Frost Gear Baseball was quick to the scene with the invention of baseball’s first ever cold weather throwing glove. With its proprietary neoprene and synthetic design, which enables players to keep their hand warm while still maintaining dexterity of the ball, the Frost Gear Cold-Weather Throwing Glove allows baseball athletes to perform better under otherwise less favorable conditions.

When asked how the idea came about –

“As North-Eastern Baseball players growing up, we endured many cold games that often-created discomfort and inhibited our performance. We wanted to create a glove that would allow us to stay warm and minimize the errors made by the cold.”

“Many of our athletes use this product during fall ball, to train outdoors and get better all winter long, and during those early-in-the-season games and practices when its freezing and miserable on the field.”

With the cold weather being such a problem for all ballplayers, Frost Gear’s Cold Weather Throwing Glove seems to be the most logical solution.

There’s something to be said about a company who can come into one of the oldest and most traditionally dominated sports and create the waves that these guys have. While still new to the sport by industry standards, Frost Gear has surely made an impact and will continue to help ballplayers of all ages get outside earlier, perform better and most importantly stay warm.

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